Published: June 1, 2013

Sign the PetitionCrime comes in many forms.  One of the most disturbing types of crime our members see is the exploitation of women and children in the form of prostitution; commonly advertised online as "escort" or "massage" services.  The crime itself is appalling but equally disturbing is the willingness of some media outlets to advertise these services and assist perpetrators in seeking out those to victimize.  Take for instance the METRO; a San Jose based media company that reports news and also provides space to advertise for prostitution, escorts, and massage services (  Just because a company can conduct this type of business does not mean it should. By signing an online petition, we hope you would consider joining the DSA in telling the METRO and it's owner, Dan Pulcrano, we do not support their choice of publishing content which assists in the exploitation of women and children.

Though the METRO is not the only online advertiser of prostitution, we hope they choose not to profit from this type of advertising any longer. 

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