As Santa Clara County Shelters in Place, the Sheriff's Office and the DSA of Santa Clara County have been working together to continue to provide service to the community. Our goal, together, is to provide a safe environment for everyone we come in contact with.

The Sheriff's Office Incident Command Center has been diligent in working with the DSA to create effective Directives to provide employees with safety information as well as safe practices while still maintaining a high level of service. The Sheriff's Office has created "decontamination stations" at its Headquarters and Sub-Station locations around the County. Since the end of March, Sheriff's employees have submitted to thermometer tests prior to the start of their shift to ensure they are symptom free and healthy before going into the field. Employees have also been observing social distancing requirements when they are not on calls for service. The Sheriff's Office ICC and the DSA will continue to monitor state and local instructions to implement the safest practices going forward.

We are so fortunate to have a community that supports our efforts during this time. Cleaning agents are scarce in the County. On March 29, The New Hope Church in Gilroy was generous enough to host a donation drive that brought many needed items like Clorox wipes, Lysol spray and masks. Many community members and our DSA representatives gathered and graciously donated supplies. Those items were distributed around the County to support a clean work environment.

We also want to thank the Silver Creek Valley Country Club for hosting a donation drive on April 4! We had several DSA representatives at the event and it was heart warming to see the amount of support. Those supplies were greatly needed and will continue to keep our employees safe during the weeks ahead.

These are just a couple events where the community has gathered to supports us. There are many more instances that have occurred and we appreciate the community coming together to help law enforcement efforts in our time of need.

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Deputy Sheriff's Association of Santa Clara County